Attention! We're sorry to inform that the contract owner private keys have been compromised. Buy/sell at your own risk, as the person who compromised the keys may be able to pause trading, blacklist any addresses or reduce max transfer amount. Unfortunately due to this and other factors, this project is not being actively worked on for the forseeable future.

All-In-One, Hyper Deflationary BSC Token

MoonDash is a mix and match ecosystem of giveaways, auto-generating liquidity, distribution and buy back function. All-in-one.

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DOGE Giveaway

Entries open on
28th August
Winnings pot
7,500 DOGE
Launching Q4 2021

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Why invest in MoonDash?

Diamond hands are rewarded, while participating for a chance to win the giveaway. Everything revolves around the token holders, for the holders!

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Token Buy-back

5% of every transaction goes to our "MoonWhale" wallet. These funds are then used to periodically buy-back and burn MoonDash tokens to help keep the price of MoonDash in check (these funds are not accessible to the devs)

Special Giveaways

We periodically run giveaways (usually every 1-2 weeks) in collaboration with other exciting tokens where you can win those tokens and special NFTs. To enter you only need to hold MoonDash - the more you hold, the more entries you will have.

Static Farming

Farm MoonDash tokens simply by holding. The more tokens you hold, the more you'll earn! No need to stake your tokens - earnings are sent to your wallet automatically! Sit back, relax and wach your wallet grow!

Experienced Team

We're a friendly bunch of crypto nerds from all over the world. We have a long term vision for MoonDash - we're never gonna give you up and we're super excited to bring you lots of cool and new features!


Distribution & Taxes

Our unique tokenomics allow us to have a good marketing budget to keep MoonDash going for many years to come, run our giveaways & fund any secret future MoonDash projects to benefit our holders.



Initial supply (1 Trillion)


Private sale








Team & Marketing



MoonDash Redistribution


"MoonWhale" Buy-back & burn


Project wallet (Giveaways, Devs, Marketing & Special projects)


See Our Progress

We have many great ideas that we're excited to bring to the holders of MoonDash. Got any ideas of your own? We love community input - let us know on Telegram!

  • Q2 2021

    Private sale

    Initial website launch


    Initial marketing, including PooCoin Ads, etc

  • Q3 2021

    Pancakeswap launch

    CoinGecko Listing

    $5000 Airdrop giveaway

    Giveaway improvements - collaborate with exciting tokens, instead of just giving out BNB

    Bring on a marketing expert to help with marketing strategy

    CoinMarketCap Listing

    Custom dex on the website

    “How to buy MoonDash” text & video guide

    DessertSwap Audit + Dox

    Live Token Stats on the Website

    More ways to get giveaway entries & automated social sharing to enter

    Automatic Giveaway winner notifications

    "Diamond Hands" entries - the longer you hold, the more giveaway entries you'll get

    Animated live giveaway draw

  • Q4 2021

    Transparency Report

    Certik Audit

    MoonDash game release (name to be confirmed)

    NFT Marketplace

    MoonDash secret "sister" project 👀 (details to be announced soon)

    Centralized Exchange Listings

    Many more exciting plans to be announced...


Meet Our Core Team

We're a passionate group of crypto-enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing the best token to your wallet

  • Speronic

    Web Design & Development

  • Lamb O

    Marketing Lead

  • Chandler

    Social & Community Management


Got any questions?

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here, or give us a shout on Telegram - one of our team members or someone from our friendly community will be happy to help!

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